No more drinking

Hello folks. How many times do you drink too much and you say to yourself “I’ll never drink this much in one night again”? And here I am with another hangover. Aw well, better then a methamphetamine come-down…

Yesterday I met a lost cousin of mine, he grew up a lot, looks good, had a good chat. Today I finally get a few hours of playing Fallout New Vegas, used to play a lot of games, but now with my son and work and everything else I don’t have much time anymore. Playing is important for me, like watching good movies and reading good books. Don’t know if it’s escaping reality, don’t think so. I just love a good story, some action and to focus on something else.

I’m taking some nootropics now to increase cognitive functions. Been taking Piracetam 4,8g daily along with anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals for two weeks now. Effects so far are mild, but it’s good progress.

If it goes well, I need to start training again, used to do muay-thai and parkour. I was very happy when I was training. It’s true what they say, with a healthy body comes a healthy mind…

Andy out…


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