Time will tell…

It’s time for the Pride!


Prague Pride is the largest LGBT Pride festival in Europe. It’s happening on the 17th this month and I will be there for the first time! I am sooo excited, I can’t wait. This years “theme” is coming out, which is very fitting for me. I’ll be there with a few of my friends and it’s going to be the firs time that I’ll be completely En femme. The big thing is, everything just got together somehow (won’t bore you with the details) and we are going to start making a transgender documentary. By chance I met a professional cameraman, he films for TV and for a Dakar racing team. I’ve seen some of his work and I’m really looking forward to do this with him of all people. First I wanted to make it a documentary for transgender people that are struggling like me and to raise awareness of transgender issues for cisgender people. The awareness part is very important to me, because people here know as much about us as they knew about gay and lesbian people 20 years ago. Originally I only wanted to post this on youtube and a few others (I didn’t know that he also works for TV) and then he said that we could make it a 3 year project to film my transition and some stories with other trans people, and in the end it could get broadcasted on national TV. That just blew my mind…

I’m not sure if I’m ready to go this far. If I do this, I’m afraid that I’ll never fully pass as a girl because everyone will know that I used to be a boy. On the other hand, I could help a lot of people with this…



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