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The Ways of Sweden pt.2

It’s been a long two weeks.

As he was standing on the rooftop of the shitty hotel he’s spend two weeks of his life in, smoking his cigarette and starring at the full moon his mind was as far away as his home. Thinking what those two weeks gave him. The job was messy, as if it was ever easy. Life was never easy and he did what he had to. “One day it’ll be all different” he mumbled quietly under his lip while exhaling the smoke. As he went to bed, the northern star was gone, nowhere to be seen. With the star on his mind he fell asleep.

The next morning he left the Göteborg. It was a long journey. In Czech Republic nothing has changed while he was gone, how could it? His son was growing though, as he held him in his tattooed arms and looked into the little boys eyes he saw himself. “I missed you little one”. A small grin emerged on the boys face, or was that just his imagination? I hope you’ll never have to do the things that I do, he thought to himself.

Two days after he came back, his phone was ringing. It was his “business” cell. He started to hate that cell long ago, how many more times will he have to pick it up?

“Yes,,, be there in five”. Of course it had to be another job…

He walks through the building without looking at anyone, they don’t like him here, he’s to different to fit in. The door doesn’t say anything, it doesn’t have to. Everyone knows that door and only a few enter it, he’s one of them. He hates that door as much as he hates that cell phone. He doesn’t knock as he enters. The office is large with pictures of business men in excessively expensive suits and ties, the place you’d imagine to have a sit down with cigars and expensive cognac in. The grin on his employers face behind the huge wooden desk wakes him up. “It’s good to see you again Ghost”…

Yeah right, he thinks to him self. “Skip the pleasantries. What is it this time?”

“Straight to business as always. When are you going to learn to relax?” He won’t comment on that. Just keep it cool for a bit longer. “All right then, have it your way. I need you back in Sweden.”

A picture of a bullet flying through the fat guys face is going through his mind. Keep it cool, such thoughts are exactly what landed you in this fucking situation anyway. Just keep ti cool a little longer. “When?” No grin on the fat mans face anymore. “Go home, get laid, get some sleep, do what you have to. You’re flying tomorrow, you’ll get the info about the job when you get there. The usual contact and usual payment.” He hated the fat man. That fucking grin on his face, the tone of his voice, everything about that little prick. But he had no choice and he did have some unfinished personal matters in that bright city. Not just that, something was drawing him towards it. Maybe it was the northern star that he hasn’t seen for only a few days. Maybe it was the city itself? What ever it was, deep down he wanted to go back there.

No more questions. As he was leaving, the grin on the fat mans face appeared again. Lucky for the fat man, Ghost didn’t look back. “Don’t fuck it up Ghost. You got only a few more left, remember?” Ghost didn’t look back…

He did what he had to as the fat man suggested, not heeding his advice though and left the next morning with the first flight. Planes never where something for him, not the commercial ones. He wasn’t afraid of a hi-jack or crash as did some. Just hated the fucking boredom, the clouds below him and the humming of a jet next to his head. Beats fourteen hours by car though, no argument there. Sitting on the plane, his mind was with the northern star. The many nights that he watched her. Glass of whiskey in his hand to beat the boredom, trying to fall asleep…

It looked like the fat man started to feel Ghost’s patients stretching thin. This time the hotel was something completely different. Good service, nice room and in a decent part of town too. Some things don’t change though. Non-smokers room and not enough place to stash his equipment in. He created some stash place him self then, chipped open a few of the wooden tiles on the floor to hide the most important gear.

Before he gets this job over with, there is one person to find though. A very special person…

To be continued… maybe…


The Ways of Sweden pt.1

The hotel looked like shit but he knew he’s seen worse.

His partner in crime had gone inside that thing to confirm arrival. It was only he and the dark of the night city. As he heard the seagull flying above him he remembered, remembered every detail of history that let him here, the good and the bad, he had realized there and then that another bloody journey has begun. The girl walking out of the hotel woke him up from his line of thought. Black and white skirt ending shortly above the knees, closely cut hair and where those high heels? He watched as she disappeared in the night and lit a cigarette, waiting for his partner.

Not knowing what to expect, he stepped into his room. He was not surprised of it, taking a closer look at the room his emotions have been changing as he looked further inside. From anger to amusement, what looked like a small cabinet for clothes was in reality a spare bed. The wardrobe with no shelf’s in it, which he fucking hated. The two badly placed and leveled paintings above the bed. He kept laughing to himself as a madman, looking at the shower with no barrier on the floor, so the water would be everywhere after using it. Something flipped that moment, for some reason, only understood by his own mind, he was comfortable. After taking a shower and stashing all his things, he went to bed. The strange eyes watching him as he was falling asleep.

The days have been hard to him mostly and the sleep was worth shit. It wasn’t the rooms fault though. Maybe it was his bad habits, or the long traveled distance. Whatever it was, now he can’t eat without having to force himself into it. Tired and hungry like a zombie, trying to stay socially active, because he has to. Is it stress? He should be happy, so why stress? Asking him self the same question over and over “Why do I feel like shit?!” All he wants to do now is to lay down into his bed and watch the star of the north, see the star one more time. Night after night…

The quiet night is getting to him and he can feel the cold grasp. Always thinking ahead has become a curse for him, for he did not think hard enough. Everything is quiet now. He’s alone in a strange land, clueless of what to do next…

To be continued…

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